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Thu Jul 18 14:33:31 EST 2002

> Peter Lavender <plaven at> wrote:
> > They have no appreciation of the requirement to have it 
there "just in
> > case".
> Exactly! I hate throwing away working hardware. I might need it 
when my
> barely-working hardware becomes not-quite-working hardware.
> I don't really have the money to buy new stuff, so I have to keep 
> of spares around.
> Then again, maybe I'm just the computing version of the redneck who 
> seven dead pickup bodies up on blocks in the back yard...

Aren't we all?

Had someone come and do a survey from the ABS a couple of months 
before the census re computers and their usage in the home.  She got 
to the question of "How many computers do you have?".  I responsed by 
asking "In regular use or not?"  That stumped her. She finally 
decided that she wanted to know the number of computers whether they 
were in use of not, working or not. So when I answered 7 (I actually 
forgot two), she commented that she had never come across someone 
with that many computers before....

Mark P.
.sig - TBA

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