CLUG Wiki (was: Re: Red Hat 7.3)

Damien Elmes clug at
Wed Jul 17 08:31:47 EST 2002

Michael Still <mikal at> writes:

> On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
>> Perhaps, if the CLUG website had a Wiki or such similar, we could have a
>> user-editable 'standing offers' list, so people could just get in touch with
>> whoever had what they wanted and was close to where they were.  Michael???
> That's a good idea. It's really the most compelling reason for a wiki I
> have heard yet. I am going to be spending heaps of time on planes in the
> next few weeks, so I will have a look into this and get back to ya'll.

I've seen other user groups with Wikis, and I also tend to follow quite regularly. They are a great way of storing and
managing information (there's even a wiki-in-emacs, suprisingly called
"emacs-wiki", that you can use for / in-combination-with a personal
information management system - much more organised than creating 2-line files
across your file system tree when you need to remember something. Not to be
confused with the wiki about emacs, emacswiki).

I am interested in what CLUG would find a wiki useful for, though, apart from
a place to jot down "yes I'd like that CD too". With the emacs wiki we're
basically building a more accessible set of documentation (ERC, an IRC client
in emacs, has had its user-manual collaboratively written from the start via
the wiki. Eventually we will convert this to texinfo etc for wider access). 

So in short: as a linux user group, what documentation/information could we
provide which would be useful to the rest of our 'members', or the community
at large?

Wikis are fun though, so it's worth setting one up even if we can't answer
that question straight away.


Damien Elmes

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