Vanishing keyboard

Antti.Roppola at Antti.Roppola at
Tue Jul 16 16:24:06 EST 2002

Hi all,

Can anyone shed any light on why a HP Kayak with Debian would
lose its PS/2 keyboard (but not mouse) on infrequent intervals?
The kernel is a fairly ordinary 2.2.20 SMP compile, and I am
reasonably sure the previous 2.2.18pre21 kernel did it as well.

The keyboard is even the PS/2 keyboard that came with the box, though
it has those silly rubber buttons for Internet and APM.

I was assuming it was some gdm/X11 thing, but they keyboard does
not come back if I shell in and kill X. The BIOS is not set to use
PnP or APM and trolling the net offers not much.

In the absense of a permanent fix, is there any way to bounce the
keyboard without rebooting the box?

A hot plug fixes it, but I have rolled that die enough times already. :o)



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