Frequency Reference for NTP Use?

Tomasz Ciolek tmc at
Sun Jul 14 18:07:31 EST 2002

 Alex, so what you are atelling me is that you want a solution, that we
 would nornmally package into an oven sized device. and be bale to
 compress it into a PCMCIA card so that you can correct the drift in the
 clock crystal in your laptop?

 How about once you reconnect you can re-calibrate you clocks and email will have the right dates then. Does it matter if you drift some secodsw form the "real" UTC? Is anyone going to die if you do? Is the time keepign really that critical to what you are doing?

On Sun, Jul 14, 2002 at 05:56:43PM +1000, Brad Hards wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Jul 2002 17:46, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> > In one instance, I might want to have a device that is mobile and only
> > ever in transient contact with The Internet or the GPS sky - for
> > instance if I have a data logger that lives in a cave surrounded by
> > metres of granite.  Or a combat control system that lives on a submarine.
> If you need it to work without contact with the internet, then it doesn't
> really matter for email, right? Just distribute an arbitrary clock to all the local
> systems.
> Combat submarines come with atomic clocks.
> Brad
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