Grouping perl foreach values

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Tue Jul 9 11:28:16 EST 2002

I assume you have a list in which case you have to refer to it as a list:
@listofthings not $listofthings
in that case try:

while (($c1,$c2,$c3) = splice (@list, 0, 3)) {
  ... do stuff ...

If not how does your data start?  If you have you data initially in text form what delimiters?

At 11:09 AM +1000 02/7/9, Michael Still wrote:
>I've surfed and can't find anything on this, although that it probably
>because I don't know the perl word for it.
>I have a list of value in the form:
>  v1;v2;v3;v4;v5;v6;v7;v8;v9
>And I want to work through them in sets of three, something like:
>foreach($cola, $colb, $colc) ($listofthings){
>  ... do stuff ...
>Can people either suggest how to do this, or suggest how I can refactor
>the problem to make this easier?
>Michael Still (mikal at     UMT+10hrs

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