First time compiling a new kernel

Brad Hards bhards at
Mon Jul 8 15:06:21 EST 2002

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002 14:42, Andreas Bauer wrote:
> > Tonight, or possibly tomorrow, I will be upgrading my kernel from
> > 2.4.7-10 to 2.4.18 on my RH7.2 machine.
> So, I can recommend to grab the kernel sources, do make xconfig (and spend
> some time there), make dep, make, make bzImage, make modules, make install,
> make modules_install and finally run lilo or grub.  Be sure you have
> selected the correct architecture, otherwise your kernel won't boot!  Maybe
> a boot-disk wouldn't hurt either.

I think that there is a problem at the "make install" step if you have grub 
(which I think is the default on RH7.2 - my RH7.2 boxen use it). make install 
assumes lilo, and won't update grub.conf

Instead, you can just copy a stanza of the existing grub.conf config and 
modify it as required - it should be fairly obvious what goes where. Don't 
put it at the start though, and don't make it the default until you've got it 
working OK. Also, you'd need to copy arch/i386/boot/bzImage from the kernel 
build tree across to /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.18 (or whatever you said the kernel 
would be called in grub.conf).

Also, you don't need to run make, nor do you need to run grub at the end 
(although you would need to run lilo at this stage, if you were still using 


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