First time compiling a new kernel

Ben.Westgarth at Ben.Westgarth at
Mon Jul 8 14:21:32 EST 2002

Hi CLUGgers,
Tonight, or possibly tomorrow, I will be upgrading my kernel from 2.4.7-10 to
2.4.18 on my RH7.2 machine.

This is the first time I've done this, so I've been looking around for a current
HOWTO on the subject to sit patiently by my side while I go through the process.
After googling around I keep coming across a HOWTO written by Brian Ward which
claims to be recent as of 27 June 2002. But much of the stuff he talks about is
referring to kernel 2.2.x. I haven't been able to find much else which looks
helpful. Is this recent enough? ie. Is the process still pretty much the same?
Does anyone have any recommendations for good HOWTOs on this subject?

Cheers, Ben Westgarth

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