transact vpn- vapourware private network

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Jul 3 14:16:37 EST 2002

Michael Smarsz wrote:

> I figure you guys will probably like to start tearing shreds off of me
> and TransACT - I don't blame you, I'd be doing it to (well, I /do/ do it
> anyway).

Well, I don't want to cause you, personally, any difficulties, but I
have just sent an online Letter to the Editor of the Canberra Times
asking why TransACT are taking so long to provide a service I was
promised (and have been paying for) when I first signed up over 12
months ago.

Don't know if the Canberra Times will publish it. We'll wait and see.

If anyone else on this list wants to send one in, maybe the Canberra
Times will do a story on it? Who knows?


Bob Edwards.

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