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Alex Satrapa grail at
Wed Jul 3 09:24:08 EST 2002

On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 07:36 , Michael Smarsz wrote:

> I'm not exactly sure what is intended by a "soft launch" but I presume
> they mean releasing details to a group of people as some form of beta
> test.

Though they will probably refer to it as an "Early Adopters Programme".  
The Marketroid speak "Early Adopter" is basically the same as "Beta 
Tester" in Tech speak.

> I suggested that you guys would probably be a good test group as
> you would not be so hung up on the content that is provided at an early
> stage, but rather the performance and functionality of the network.

I think it would be safe to say that most of the Linux/Gaming users 
would not care about content at all - much less be "hung up" on it.  I'm 
pretty sure that all I would *ever* use is bandwidth.  As long as the 
Marketing and Sales people understand that, they're more likely to make 
a profit out of people like me.  "Loss Leader Marketing" only works for 
drug dealers and Microsoft.

I haven't a clue what "services" Telstra adds on to their ADSL offering, 
'cos all I want is the bandwidth (in the case of ADSL, that's Internet 
connected bandwidth).

> I do know that something currently holding up the release is that
> TransACT are currently in talks with some people in regards to managing
> some of the services (content, movies, games etc).

Let them know that there are people out there willing/wanting to 
subscribe to TransACT/TransWeb/TransCity as a bandwidth-only service.  
That way they get paying Early Adopters helping them iron the kinks out 
of the system so that the content services will roll out much more 

> I manaed to grab the statement above off the guy as he walked out last 
> thing yesterday to go into one of these meetings.

You might suggest he changes "data free" to "unmetered".  "Data free" 
has certain ugly connotations that would make the product unattractive 
to people trying to shunt data around using TransCity ;)  At least 
"unmetered" only carries the connotation that - after your subscription 
fee - there are no extra costs. I expect I'd have to pay some (very 
small) extra subscription for the extra intra-city bandwidth.

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