Help - Highpoint Hotrod 100 Pro Raid and Redhat 7.3

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I have a KT7A (non-RAID) board and was under the impression the HPT370
BIOS code (presumably the bit you need to 'flash') was embedded in the
motherboard BIOS itself. In other words, you update the RAID
controller's BIOS by flashing the motherboard's.

Check out for a really
good resource for KT7* motherboards.


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Subject: Help - Highpoint Hotrod 100 Pro Raid and Redhat 7.3

I am moving from Windows to Linux, (or at least trying to).  Product
Activation is the last straw.

My first problem is my hardware raid.  I have a ABIT KT7A motherboard
with a build in Highpoint Hot Rod 100 Pro, (or more precisely HPT370)
Raid controller.

When I run the redhat 7.3 installation it happily ignores my raid 0
array of two disks and reports on my two disks separately for partioning

The Highpoint website has drivers for redhat 7.3.  The only problem
being I have to flash my controller chip.

Questions:  Can I flash my HPT370 which is not on a highpoint card but
integrated on my board.  I am going to try to do this anyway so someone
stop me quick, (sorry thats a hardware question).

What do I do with the Highpoint drivers during installation?

Any help much appreciated.


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