compiling modules for RH kernels

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Tue Jul 2 10:29:17 EST 2002

I'm hoping that there might still be some out there who know a bit
about Red Hat kernels :-).

I am trying to compile a locally developed module to work with a
kernel compiled from Red Hat Source RPM. The kernel I want this
module to work with is identified as "2.4.9-21custom" (the custom
bit on the end is something that a Red Hat kernel patch applies
to any kernels compiled from Red Hat sources, but not by Red Hat).

I am trying to compile my module from outside the kernel tree.

It always seems to want to be for a "2.4.9-21smp" kernel (if I
compile on a machine with that kernel running), or "2.4.9-21"
if I compile on a machine actually running the 2.4.9-21custom

Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to explicitly set the
kernel version I want this module to work with, short of editing
include/linux/version.h or include/linux/module.h?


Bob Edwards.

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