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Michael Smarsz Michael.Smarsz at
Mon Jul 1 09:31:34 EST 2002

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From: Damien Elmes

>Has anyone clarified what the speed on the local network will be,
if/when it
>eventually arrives? I've heard suggestions that your link speed will be
>same as the connection speed you have to the internet - if that's the
>with a 64k/bit uplink, the service is next to useless.

The service will be provided at whatever data rate you have
purchased/subscribed in your TransWEB product.

There has been some talk about provisioning a higher bandwidth pipe
whilst connected to the TransCity network.  This is a perfect situation,
providing it works.  I'm not certain of the ins-and-outs with this
arrangement, but I hope it comes through.

The other option is to up-rent your bandwidth for short(ish) periods of
time (1 hour, 1 week etc).  This will impact on your ISP connection
along with your TransCity connection.

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