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Mon Jul 1 09:25:29 EST 2002

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From: Drake Diedrich

>There was and is a local market for a city-wide unmetered LAN.  If the
>person in charge of the TransACT rollout doesn't think it's worth
>implementing, after their marketing department has already built up
>in such a product...

This is EXACTLY the problem!  The p2p stuff was held up in the limelight
as what differentiates TransACT from others ever since day 1.  I recall
when my interest was first sparked in TrasACT back in 1997, the p2p
offering was what stuck in my mind.

>Isn't Telstra already starting to
>dabble in something like that with the free download/games site...

Yes, as with most ISPs (in particular the DSL providers) they are
offering free downloads.  The difference was with the timing of the
announcements - TransACT had to lay all their cards on the table before
they could get any vc's to pitch in, this meant that any good ideas
still needed a network to run on.

TransACT /are/ doing some very clever [technologically] things with the
network.  It is just that they seemingly are failing to realise where
the captive market is.  There is little point in pushing telephony and
video services when the *need* is for high speed data - yet the data
component probably gets the least amount of attention.

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