802.11b cards

Karun karun at karun.lorikeet.id.au
Wed Jan 30 18:57:12 EST 2002

> The price for a silver card from megalink.com.au is about AUD$302, the
> price of a D-Link DWL package, or a netgear MA-whatever package to put in a
> normal pc is about AUD$450 last I checked. (maybe have a look on the
> website to get up to date figures)
>         See You
>             Steve

For cards, harris technology also has good prices. see www.ht.com.au
d-Link pcmcia cards are $242 rom harris technology while, a d-link card to 
put in a normail pc is $339. They also have low prices for other brands of 
cards. One place to also look at prices is www.cougar.com.au which is local 
and generally has low prices.

Karun Dambiec
karun at dambiec.com

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