802.11b cards

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Wed Jan 30 14:40:42 EST 2002

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 01:04:41PM +1100, andrew at bishop.dropbear.id.au wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommendations as to either
> 1) which cards to get, or
> 2) where to get them in Canberra?
> Having recently acquired a laptop, I am looking for a solution that will
> allow it to talk wirelessly to my desktop.  This will preferably involve 2
> 802.11b cards (rather than one card and one access point), so I can
> indulge my paranoia and enforce the use of IPSec or similar.

Well we use many access points and yet still use ipsec/cipe/pptp rather than
rely on wep or similar crap. However it is still cheaper to use two cards
rather than card and access point. (they simply bridge for a private network
attached to a linux box)

For cards we found www.megalink.com.au have a good price for orinoco silver
and gold cards. I dont know if they have an adapter that works to plug into a
computer or not. The pci adapter that can be bought with the orinoco cards
from approved.com.au (in phillip) does not work in linux AFAIK, the isa
adapter they sell (pcmcia<->isa) however does work in linux. The
D-Link DWL-650/DWL-500 package sold at harvey norman has a pci<->pcmcia bridge
that works fine in linux, and the netgear MA-whatever they also sell there
will work in linux now (although not a pci<->pcmcia bridge)

The price for a silver card from megalink.com.au is about AUD$302, the price
of a D-Link DWL package, or a netgear MA-whatever package to put in a normal
pc is about AUD$450 last I checked. (maybe have a look on the website to get
up to date figures)

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