Switch (Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse) Box experiences ?

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Wed Jan 30 11:03:48 EST 2002

Hi Burn,

I have bought 2 KVM boxes recently.  The first is a 4 port (KNV104 , from 
SI in Fyshwick $517 with cables) and the second a 2 port ( KVM211, from 
the weekend markets $170 with cables).  Don't waste the money getting the 
on-screen-display versions as you pay double for it.  I also think that 
the sting is buying one is paying for all the extra cables you need

When I was looking at buying a KVM I was informed to get an 'active' box 
as there are problems with the dumb boxes.  

The first one is that they don't remember the state of the keyboard and 
mouse when switching between devices. 

The second is that they will not provide feedback to the computer when it 
is first booted unless it is currently switched to that device.  This 
means that a computer that needs to detect a mouse/keyboard to boot will 
just error instead.

If you get an active KVM then there is always feedback to each computer 
that is plugged into it which removes the booting problem and the 
switching problem altogether. :-)

I have found both boxed to work well and have had no problems at all.


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On 30/01/02, 9:39:50 AM, Burn Alting <burn at goldweb.com.au> wrote regarding 
Switch (Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse) Box experiences ?:

> Hi Peoples,

> I need to get a switch box for my two Linux systems (both have PS/2 mouse 
> keyboard setups)

> I'm currently trying a Manual switch but two problems occur

>       a. Using High resolution monitor cables from the switch box to the 
>           causes ghosting on the screen. The supplier says this should 
>           happen and I'm swapping the manual box today (it's an SI switch 

>       b. When I switch away from one PC and then back, I loose mouse
>            control - I need to log out (kill the startx proc as I can't 
find a nice
>             way to restart the mouse).

> Do I need to go to an 'active' switch box? If so, what experiences have 
> had and are there any recommendations?

> Thanks in advance

> Burn Atling
> burn at goldweb.com.au

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