Switch (Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse) Box experiences ?

Geoff Smith geoffco at localhost.localdomain
Wed Jan 30 10:55:14 EST 2002

(Sorry about 2 messages, hit a key combo in kmail that sent it before I was 
finished... )


I have a similar setup to what you are describing, and have experienced 
similar problems, except using win2k not linux. I was finding that i was 
losing the mouse every time I switched. I also remembered this happening at 
the place I used to work at, so I figured it was a windows thing. I ended up 
plugging a mouse into each machine, and apart from occasionally going shaking 
the wrong mouse around trying to get something to move on the screen, it was 
an ok workaround. 
Now both my machines are running linux again, but I'm only running X on one 
of them, and that still has the mouse plugged directly into the back. The 
other one doesn't have a mouse. Now that you've mentioned it, I'll try 
plugging the mouse into the switch box again to see what happens. 


On Wed, 30 Jan 2002 09:39, you wrote:
> Hi Peoples,
> I need to get a switch box for my two Linux systems (both have PS/2 mouse
> and keyboard setups)
> I'm currently trying a Manual switch but two problems occur
> 	a. Using High resolution monitor cables from the switch box to the PC's
> 	    causes ghosting on the screen. The supplier says this should not
> 	    happen and I'm swapping the manual box today (it's an SI switch box).
> 	b. When I switch away from one PC and then back, I loose mouse
> 	     control - I need to log out (kill the startx proc as I can't find a
> nice way to restart the mouse).
> Do I need to go to an 'active' switch box? If so, what experiences have
> people had and are there any recommendations?
> Thanks in advance
> Burn Atling
> burn at goldweb.com.au

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