Switch (Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse) Box experiences ?

Burn Alting burn at goldweb.com.au
Wed Jan 30 09:39:50 EST 2002

Hi Peoples,

I need to get a switch box for my two Linux systems (both have PS/2 mouse and 
keyboard setups)

I'm currently trying a Manual switch but two problems occur

	a. Using High resolution monitor cables from the switch box to the PC's
	    causes ghosting on the screen. The supplier says this should not
	    happen and I'm swapping the manual box today (it's an SI switch box).

	b. When I switch away from one PC and then back, I loose mouse
	     control - I need to log out (kill the startx proc as I can't find a nice
	      way to restart the mouse).

Do I need to go to an 'active' switch box? If so, what experiences have people
had and are there any recommendations?

Thanks in advance

Burn Atling
burn at goldweb.com.au

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