Linux on Sparc4

Antti.Roppola at Antti.Roppola at
Tue Jan 29 12:39:08 EST 2002

Phile wrote:

> I am looking to install Linux on a Sparc4. Can anyone
> recommend a good uptodate distristro.

I used Debian. Downloaded a boot image, RARP'ed it and
installed from Sweet. Might be a bit too slow
through a modem though.

> I intend to use it for a firewall on a dedicated modem.
> Can anyone suggest some obvious pitfalls I may encounter.

I had to change some handshaking(?) stuff for the ethernet
before it would green light the link. Find it in Boot Monitor.

The 170 MHz version will not install out of the box, the
suggestion was to build using an older box and swap it
back once there's a base install. (something in the 170 MHz
CPU causes the installer to die)

I recall the serial port may not be as expected. Someone
I know had fun getting their modem running at anything other
than 9600. :o)

The Debian and UltraSparc pages have lots of info/links:


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