Problems with local login

Boryan Yotov biotov at
Tue Jan 29 01:48:34 EST 2002

Hello, all
    I have two problems with a Suse Linux 7.1. A friend of mine recently asked me about he is not able to login into his box localy. Even if he tried with root or his own user's account he is able only to reach the "Welcome ..." message but not the BASH shell prompt. When the root password is changed via entering single mode after rebooting the same  
    Even worse - I could access his box via SSH with the same root or user account, but some of the binaries into the /bin folder couldn't be executed (like ps and ls) hopefully the bash and sh could be ran. The error message is (for example "bash: /bin/ls: File name or command not found") is displayed. I think the reason for this occurence could be that he simply doesn't have rigths for executing. But that's strange - each user if not explicitly discarded could execute binaries from /bin.

    Please if someone has a lead on the problem share it with me.
    Thank you in advance.

Boryan Yotov
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