ARM boards?

Ben Elliston bje at
Wed Jan 23 08:09:43 EST 2002

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Hards <bhards at> writes:

  Brad> I'm interested in playing around with some of the embedded LInux stuff, 
  Brad> probably on an ARM board. Does anyone know of a reasonable supplier in Oz 
  Brad> (ideally in Canberra, but I don't hold much hope), and/or of a board that I 
  Brad> can get for reasonable cost (say < A$750) that has half-way decent Linux 
  Brad> support?

I'm afraid I'm unable to help you with a board supplier, but there is
a simulator that models the ARM PID7T evaluation board available at:

.. which will no doubt be of use to you.

Cheers, Ben

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