Question on Access Plans on Firewall (Kind of like an ISP)

Peter Foley pjfoley at
Tue Jan 22 01:06:18 EST 2002

Well that is a funny one =p.

It would be pretty easy to tell if he got into the machine (eye ball
observation, not even necessary to look at logs, or even the webone access
information for times that it was used).

So even if he had the skills I think that he would be in a bit of trouble

But as a precaution I might just remove the Floppy Disk drive.  Bit hard to
break in when there is no floppy there (Plus no Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse)

In all seriousness I am sure that if he has the brains to break into the
machine I am sure he will know that when he gets caught it will be all the
worse for him.

But I will have to say that I would definatly give him Brownie points if he
did go out and do some research into breaking into the machine (He does want
to get into the IT field).


<Note some of the above was lightly covered with Light humour =)>

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> Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:38:58 +1100
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> From: John Griffiths <john at>
> Subject: Re: Question on Access Plans on Firewall (Kind of like an ISP)
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> >My Parents are deciding to get Transact as well, and my mother has asked
> >to put together something that will be able to restrict my brother to
> >using the Net during certain times of the day and also give him a MB
> >
> How technically competent is your brother? he could root you with a boot
> disk in seconds if he does some reading....

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