[Q] Intrusion Detection, Log file parsing....

Richard Cottrill richard_c at tpg.com.au
Mon Jan 21 21:30:10 EST 2002

There's a project called 'swatch' for the log monitoring. Never used it, the
description fits though.

Snort seems a nifty tool for intrusion detection; I do use it (via
Smoothwall and fiddling elsewhere) and it gives me all kinds of stuff that
seems to be useful. I read an article on IDS systems and they only threw in
snort to roast it (they said) and then they gave it their recommendation
over a whole bunch of expensive/proprietary stuff.


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> G’Day,
> Environment:
> -          Debian
> -          IPTables based firewall
> I would like to accomplish the following:
> -          Detect intrusion attempts
> -          Have “something” look at syslog and other logs to see if there
> are any “funnies” in the logs (not necessarily to do with
> security, but say
> a disk getting full etc.)
> Has anyone got any suggestions or pointers?
> -- Donovan
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