SCSI drives recommendations

Karun karun at
Mon Jan 21 19:53:36 EST 2002

On Monday 21 January 2002 07:41 pm, you wrote:
> Backups have not been left out on this box with it being fitted (in a few
> days) with a DAT tape drive and I plan to implement a layered backup
> scheme. In regards to the RAID I really do have very little idea of what
> I'm after as I have never worked with it before.
> To clarify at bit further the system will be running a web server, serving
> sites that have SQL backends. Almost all the data barring basic templates
> is to be pulled out of the SQL databases. I realise there are a number of
> levels of RAID (which I will need to read up on as I'm still not up to
> speed with it) but I'm guessing what I'm after is mirroring.
> The SQL databases will be not only read via the web interface but also
> written to. One site to be hosted on it is a rather large auction site
> which, given the way it's operating on the current NT (eewww) web server,
> could produce a fair bit of strain on the system.
> Having done some looking around it seems that new SCSI disks are quite a
> lot more expensive than their IDE counterparts (not that I'm terribly
> surprised this). Does anyone have a favourite retailer of  new / used SCSI
> hard drives? Basically I'm building this machine out of my own pocket in
> order to show my work place that we can do a lot more with Linux on less
> hardware and certainly for a lot less in terms of licensing costs (I think
> our last audit showed we were paying in order of  nearly $7,000/year in MS
> windows licensing alone, I'm not even going to into how much the MS SQL
> server licences cost).
> Hopefully I can get this machine running really well and replicate some of
> the sites the NT server already is, in order to show a direct comparison
> between the machines performance. If anyone else has any hints, tips,
> pointers or just plain insults send them over as any help would be great.
> Cheers
> Daniel

You probably will want raid 5 or similiar.


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