SCSI hard drives available?

Sam Couter sam at
Mon Jan 21 13:28:14 EST 2002

Richard Cottrill <richard_c at> wrote:
> I would help but my gear is out of reach at the mo. Watchout that SCSI !=
> Mac compliant. There seems to be some extra bit in discs for Mac that
> doesn't necessarily exist in SCSI discs. I found an HP disc that would sing
> for any kind of hammering so long as I didn't try to put it into a Mac.

Anyone else got any insight into this? I've always thought Macs used
bog-standard SCSI drives.

Ahh... Google to the rescue. Is the following what you're referring to?

This is from

"HD SC Setup and Drive Setup have one large drawback (apart from not
being very informative and having no control over the setup parameters
of your drive): it can only format/initialize Apple-supplied harddisks1.
The Apple utilities check the result of the SCSI 'identify drive' command
(SCSI-1) (on older versions of HD SC Setup) or check the parameter pages
(SCSI-2) whether it is a drive they supplied. All Apple drives have
information stored in some sort of ROM on the drive that identifies the
drive as 'Apple supplied'."

Evil, evil, evil.

I won't have that problem with m68k Linux though. ;)

> A lot like many of nerds (pre-OSX) in that respect.

Tee hee. :)
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