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Mon Jan 21 13:06:38 EST 2002

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 12:52, Richard Cottrill wrote:
> There are arcane arts associated with configuring databases for maximum
> performance.  In terms of disc arrangement it comes down to you thinking

	[Snip snip]

> I'm not too clear about the
> best backup strategy for databases. I'm pretty sure there isn't a good way
> to back up a live database though - for mine this implies some kind of
> redundancy to make the DB available 24x7. Any recommendations on this topic
> are welcome because this isn't something I've got to do - although I soon
> might.
> Richard

If you need to be up 24x7, then providing you can afford to mirror your 
filesystems/data, then just

	a. 'Sync' the data - ie put it into a known and recoverable state
	b. Split off one side of the mirror.
	c. Backup from the 'split-off' mirror.
	d. Re-integrate the 'split-off' side back into full mirroring.

I've been doing this for years on hardware raids.


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