CD-CD copying problems

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at
Sun Jan 20 16:51:08 EST 2002


Recently I tried to set up my linux machine to do direct CD to CD
copying since I have a CD reader and CD writer on seperate IDE channels.
The CD burning programs only seem to detect scsi devices so I had my
machine detect the CD writer and the reader as scsi devices by adding
the following line to lilo.conf:

append=" hdg=ide-scsi hdd=ide-scsi devfs=mount quiet"

hdg being my CDwriter and hdd being my CD reader.

Now XCD-Roast seems to recognise my CD reader and I can do CD to CD
copies, but now I can't mount my CD reader.  When I try to mount it I

"hdd: input/output error"

even though there is a CD in the drive and just ten minutes before when
I had my linux machine detecting the reader as an IDE device it mounted

OK, so then I modified my fstab file to replace /dev/hdd with /dev/scd1.
However, I still can't mount the CD and I get the error:

"No media in drive"

even though I *know* that there is a CD in the drive.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this matter?  I would like
to be able to do CD to CD copies AND be able to mount my cd reader
without having to modify lilo.conf and rebooting my computer each


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