cups, so5.2, and HP6L feeds multi sheets

Jim Watson jim at
Thu Jan 17 21:12:09 EST 2002

I would be interested to correspond off the list with someone who is
using the HP6L printer with cups and star office 5.2 (currently i am
running this on solaris8 but plan to do it on linux too). I have got it
all working but having some problems with margins which i am not sure if
it is in the pdd file or something in the SO setup.

By the way if you are having multi sheet paper feed problems with the
HP6L these have not beeen recalled but HP website are offering a free
fix-it kit, a sort of origami thing that glues a piece of rubber into
the sheet feeder and makes it feed one page at a time into the printer.
The glue had dried out when mine arrived from frankfurt but i made it
work with superglue :) Go to and drill down to:

               HP LaserJet 6L, 1100, 3100, and 3150 Products - Why is
               My Printer Multifeeding?

                 QUESTION: Why is my printer multi-feeding?

                 ANSWER: The HP LaserJet printer experiences increasing
multiple feeds
                 toward the end of warranty or service life. The
separation pad installer
                 provides a one-time solution to the issue of
multi-feeds and paper jams
                 caused by the hardening of the old pad. The solution in
this document

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