Netspeed seems OK

Conrad Canterford conrad at
Thu Jan 17 17:22:12 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 15:30, Alex Pollard wrote:
> I'm have been running a webserver on TransACT through netspeed for a couple 
> of weeks now, and I am yet to encounter any problems attributable to 
> netspeed. There are however be some issues with web browsing through 
> netspeed's transparent proxy, it seems to have DNS problems every now and 
> then.

Where "every now and then" in my experience was at least once per day (I
was working from home, so I noticed these things). I gather they also
deny that there are any problems.
Actually, I'm inclined to suspect that the problem runs deeper than just
their "transparent" proxy. We were running our own dns (not peering off
theirs) and every now and then (still being at least once/day :-)) our
dns would return a no-find on definitely valid hostnames. Very, very
frustrating in the middle of a web-browse. Killed my irc sessions fairly
regularly too.

> Also, netspeed haven't refunded me $27 they double-charged to my credit card 
> in November. OK otherwise.

There may be a trend there too. 

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