"No carrier" problem

Sam Couter sam at topic.com.au
Thu Jan 17 13:50:14 EST 2002

Phil and Marlene Carter <mcarter at tpg.com.au> wrote:
> My modem seems to dial up OK, starts the initialisation process, thinks for a
> while, then drops out with the "no carrier" message and begins to redial. The
> result is identical whether using WvDial or in a minicom session.

These are just some suggestions, because as Peter has said we don't have
enough information to fully diagnose the problem.

The last time I had the problem you describe, it was due to poor line
quality. I'd dial up, get "CONNECT 34600" or so, then... NO CARRIER.
Telling the modem to retrain on loss of carrier didn't help, nor did
dropping the maximum rate it would handshake at.

The modem was a 33k6 Maestro Companion, I believe.

In the end, I replaced the modem with a much older and bulkier and
reliable 28k8 modem, which connected at 28k8 every time.

So if you have access to another modem of a different type (and
preferably higher quality), see if that makes a difference.
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