Best firewall gateway version of Linux ?

Alex Satrapa grail at
Thu Jan 17 10:44:18 EST 2002

On Wednesday, January 16, 2002, at 11:17 , Richard Cottrill wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that all of the problems with Smoothwall that you've
> mentioned no longer exist. I suspect the NBH syndrome.

You're using Smoothwall GPL?  At the time, those problems did exist, and 
there were no changes to SmoothWall GPL for about 6 months (and no 
notice of changes being planned either).  During that time, I moved over 
to Debian and dragged the web interface with me - so the dialup box I'm 
setting up now is a combination of SmoothWall, webmin and Debian.


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>> SmoothWall GPL at the time did not let you do things like:
>>   - SSH into your network from outside
>>   - Set up a tunnel between your network and someone else's (or vice
>> versa)

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