Andreas Bauer baueran at
Thu Jan 17 01:20:06 EST 2002

> I am interested in having a play with some OpenGL stuff. I have some
> samples apps compiling and everything, but am having trouble finding a
> good tutorial site. Does anyone have a favourite they would like to share?
> Part of the problem is that a lot of them seem to focus on VC 4.0 win32
> platforms. Anything a little more unixy perhaps?

Of course.  Look at the home page of Mesa.  Mesa is a free implementation
of the OpenGL standard.  (, I believe) 

You'll find heaps of examples linked there.  Also, see if you can find
the Redbook of OpenGL.  It's pretty good.

(Sorry, I don't have all the links here now, but it's an easy task
tracking them down with Google.  :-)


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