OT(?): Netspeed vs Webone

Peter Foley pjfoley at austarmetro.com.au
Wed Jan 16 23:51:46 EST 2002


My verdict would be to go with webone.  As mentioned in a post recently they
have been doing strange things to their network but that is probably

For my story.  I signed up with webone, for their 300MB plan (yes I know
that was a joke).  Then proceeded to ring them back and upgrade from a 300MB
plan to 500MB then 1000MB in a two day period =p.

They where quite understanding and allowed me to upgrade my plan each time
just paying the difference and _not_ making me wait till the next month for
it to take effect.  I am not sure if this is because we had only just signed
up a day or two before or if they give you an initial cooling off period.

But from the way they treated me, they won me over.

Also another plus is that any traffic that is local to webone does not count
against your quota.  I know I know, webone has a really c**p FTP server but
we can live in hope (speaking of which I might e-mail them and ask them to
fix that.  Maybe get them to mirror someone).  Plus maybe someone (on/off
this list) will host their own ftp server with some useful packages.

Just my .02c


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> Message: 9
> From: "Rasjid Wilcox" <rasjidw at austethical.com.au>
> To: "CLUG" <linux at samba.org>
> Subject: OT(?): Netspeed vs Webone
> Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 14:49:06 +1100
> Sorry if I've now sent this twice, but I can't see it in the archives nor
did I
> get my email back from the list.
> I'm just about to get TransACT (tomorrow) and I need to choose an ISP.
> Septermber(?) Andrew Bishop had a rather negative experience with
Netspeed.  At
> the time Webone was significanlty cheaper, so it would have been an easy
> at the time.
> However, it looks like Netspeed is now matching Webone's prices, and is
> slightly cheaper for a 12 month in advance deal (not that I'm likely to do
> that).
> Anyway, just wondering what other people experiences were and whether
> have lifted their game?
> Rasjid.

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