nvidia questions

Damien Elmes resolve at repose.cx
Tue Jan 15 17:45:21 EST 2002

Matthew Hawkins <matthew at topic.com.au> writes:

> On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Jan-Yun Lou wrote:
> > Firstly, are the "nvidia" drivers any better than the
> > "nv" drivers?
> Not for 2D, unless the driver is supporting a chipset the current nv
> driver doesn't.
> > Secondly, Linux seems to continually get the amount of
> > memory on my video card wrong!  I have a Geforce 256
> > with 32MB RAM.  Both Red Hat and Mandrake (the two
> > distributions I've tried) say it has 4MB.  However I
> > noticed that in the XF86Config-4 file the line "video
> > ram" is commented out.  So the question is, what's
> > going on here?  Does linux actually use the full 32MB?
> At the moment it won't be.  You'll need to uncomment that line and put
> 32768 in there as the value.

Check the X logs to see how much it's detecting. If you leave it commented it
will try determine it.

Damien Elmes
resolve at repose.cx

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