Best firewall gateway version of Linux ?

Martin Schwenke martin at
Tue Jan 15 16:25:17 EST 2002

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Satrapa <grail at> writes:

    Alex> I get about 4 warnings per minute of people trying to
    Alex> connect to various services on my machine, [...]

However, with that many warnings you will soon start to ignore them
totally.  Most of them are probably your slice of port scans from
compromised machines anyway...

I run logcheck so that I see things every hour, filtering out all of
the stuff that is obviously likely to be crap (like port 80).  I also
use scripts to summarize common source addresses and destination ports
(and to spot port scans) from the log file(s).

If anyone is interested, the scripts I use are home-grown and are
available via:

peace & happiness,

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