Any Ideas on where else to look for second hand CPUS?

Sam Couter sam at
Tue Jan 15 15:49:06 EST 2002

Steven Hanley <sjh at> wrote:
> huh, well how do hard disk purchases have anything to do with excessive edo
> ram prices.

The discussion was about buying second-hand gear. Alex was trying to
illustrate the point that you don't always save money, and may end up
paying way more per Mb/MHz/FLOP/whatever.

>  As for hard disk purchaesing, what the hell are you doing spending
> $200 on a 2 GB drive. Currently stores (Cougar for example) are selling 60GB
> drives (7200 RPM, ATA100, westernt digital, or ibm) for $360, for the $200
> price range they have 20 GB drives in both those brands. These drives work
> fine on old hardware running linux.

60 Gb drives weren't available five years ago, which is the timeframe in
which the story took place. 2Gb drives were, for around $200.
Second-hand drives of 100Mb to 150Mb were also available, for almost
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