Brisbane Linuxconf 2002

Drake Diedrich dld at
Tue Jan 15 15:02:42 EST 2002

   We're probably driving to Brisbane on the 4th or 5th (catching the last
of the Debian miniconference).  Is anyone else thinking of driving, and
perhaps forming a convoy (thinking wireless, and company if a car blows up).
   Also, where are people planning to stay?  The only option seems to be the
campus dorms, and at $60/night seems quite steep for a 4-5 day conference,
for just a dorm room.  AC?  Ethernet?  Dialout?  Anyone know?
   I was thinking about a week-long apartment rental, and filling the place
with bodies.  The only options are some distance from campus though:,, but
there are claims transportation is easy.  At all hours?


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