Keyboard lock with USB mouse and XFree86

Matthew Gibbins mgibbins at
Tue Jan 15 13:04:47 EST 2002

And yo was Alex Satrapa heard to yodel:
> On Tuesday, January 15, 2002, at 10:11 , Matthew Gibbins wrote:
> >  By the way I'm beginning to think it might be something far more
> >  subtle as I could not find any error messages in the log of the X
> >  session. However, the IDE bus unceremoniously died and completely
> >  futzed the entire system. Though it did manage to resurrect after a 
> >short
> >  respite.
> What about dmesg?

  Nothing consistent. 
  On the odd occasion I observed a message along the lines of 'Unable to
  initialise USB hub event'. However, it hasn't appeared all the time.

> If the IDE bus and the keyboard are playing up - perhaps you need to 
> check that you've got the right options in the kernel to cater for buggy 
> chip sets.  Or perhaps just save yourself a lot of heartache and get a 
> new motherboard!
> (and tell everyone what the dodgey one was, so we can avoid it in 
> future ;)

   It's an ABIT-BH6 which until now has been trouble free.
   Probably not available for purchase anyway.
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