smoothwall transact issues

Alex Satrapa grail at
Tue Jan 15 12:36:04 EST 2002

On Tuesday, January 15, 2002, at 11:26 , Rob Shugg wrote:
> One problem i am having though is with the squid proxy. when it is 
> running
> the machines on my internal network cant resolve internet ips.

Does this mean that when Squid isn't running, you have your HTTP clients 
set to use "direct connection", or another proxy?

If you're using a "direct connection", then the chances are you haven't 
set up /etc/resolv.conf on the IPCop machine properly.  If you're using 
a proxy outside your network, then perhaps DNS on your internal network 
isn't working, or just isn't set up.

I'm guessing that when you say "the machines on my internal network 
can't resolve Internet IPs" that what you mean is "I get error pages 
saying the domain name could not be resolved".  What happens if you look 
up the web site name using "host" on the command line? (eg: 'host")


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