Keyboard lock with USB mouse and XFree86

Matthew Gibbins mgibbins at
Tue Jan 15 10:11:37 EST 2002

And yo was Michael Still heard to yodel:
> On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Matthew Gibbins wrote:
> >   I seem to have encountered an odd problem. I finally plugged a USB
> >   mouse into my box and it works great. It even works with gpm.
> >   However, whenever I start X the keyboard locks up though the mouse is
> >   fine.
> I use a USB mouse and keyboard on my laptop when docked, and have had no
> problems (apart from screen blanking which ignores USB as activity). I am
> using whatever KDE comes with Redhat 7.1...
> Would you like me to mail you my Xconfig file (although it is very
> boring)?
  There may be the genesis of an epic novel there.:)
  Certainly it might be useful in resolving the problem.
  So yes please.
  By the way I'm beginning to think it might be something far more
  subtle as I could not find any error messages in the log of the X
  session. However, the IDE bus unceremoniously died and completely
  futzed the entire system. Though it did manage to resurrect after a short

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