Keyboard lock with USB mouse and XFree86

Matthew Gibbins mgibbins at
Mon Jan 14 21:23:25 EST 2002

And yo was Alex Satrapa heard to yodel:
> On Monday, January 14, 2002, at 05:50 , Matthew Gibbins wrote:
> >  Yup. I'm typing this reply quite happily in console mode. However, as
> >  soon as I launch into X11 the keyboard locks up.
> Do you mean "locks up" as in Caps Lock light won't be toggled when you 
> press the Caps Lock key, or "locks up" as in you can't get any input 
> from that device?

   Unfortunately the keyboard locks up entirely. No response, not even
   toggling of the lights. Even old faithful ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't
   help in killing X

> Is it only since you've started using USB that the problem has arisen, 
> or was the keyboard connected to USB before?

   Just to clarify, the mouse is USB, but the keyboard is PS/2.

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