Keyboard lock with USB mouse and XFree86

Matthew Gibbins mgibbins at
Mon Jan 14 17:50:11 EST 2002

And yo was Ganesh  Kumar heard to yodel:
> >   However, whenever I start X the keyboard locks up 
> > though the mouse is
> >   fine.
> Looks pretty unusual.You mean your keyboard works fine with console-terminal ?

  Yup. I'm typing this reply quite happily in console mode. However, as
  soon as I launch into X11 the keyboard locks up. I just tried
  different windowmanagers in case it was a glitch in the current setup.
  At least I can use the menu system to close the X session.
  Just to clarify I'm using Xfree86-4 and kernel 2.4.17

> Why dont you change the port and see ?
   USB hotswapping with the mouse works great.
   However, it doesn't change the situation with the keyboard.
   The keyboard works fine right from powerup. In fact I have so many
   boot options that the lack of keyboard at boot time would be rather
   problematic. However, as soon as X is launched the keyboard locks up.
   Closing the X session and returning to the console without any X
   servers running frees the keyboard up.

   The problem has only arisen since I changed the mouse from PS/2 to
   USB. It was pretty straitforward as far as X is concerned as I use
   /dev/input/mice as the device.

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