Free to a good home.....

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Fri Jan 11 10:16:16 EST 2002

I agreed to pick them up this afternoon. (For a bit of experimentation and
education with a couple of friends). When we're finished I'd be happy to
re-donate them for the greater good.

Cheers, Ben Westgarth

Simon Burton <simonb at> on 11/01/2002 09:46:44

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What's happening with these?
i'd be interested in seting up
a small ISP for a few of us.
How bout it?

Karl Schaffarczyk wrote:

> I currently have three Banksia MyFast Racks to give away.
> Two racks are fully loaded with modems (6?) and working
> one rack is partially loaded with modems, and needs a power supply.
> Handy for running a small friends-only ISP etc.
> The modems are all V.34/V.FAST, and can be removed from the racks for
> insertion into cases to work as individual modems.
> at worst, you could probably apply large voltages to random sections of
> the circuit boards and make alot of smoke.... *
> They go to the first person/people to email me by COB Monday. All or
> nothing offer.
> If no-one emails me by COB Monday, they will be binned.
> Regards
> Karl
> =8)
> *If that sort of things turns you on. No liability accepted if you do
> this.
> -    Q: What is the vital ingredient in most electronic parts?
>      A: Smoke! - 'cause when it leaks out they don't work anymore!
> --
> Proprietor
> Inspired Networking                                 PO Box 132
> karl at                                Braddon ACT 2612
> Ph: 02 6230 1222 (priority line - customers only)
> Ph: 02 6262 6962 (anyone else)                      3/54 Northbourne Av
> Fx: 02 6230 1223 (everyone!)                        Canberra City
> Website Hosting (dedicated virtual server) from AUS$16.50/month!
> Permanent connections from $60.50/month!
> Dialup access from $1.10/hour or $31.90/month time unlimited!
> Coverage: Canberra, Yass, Gunning, Mittagong, Melbourne,
>           Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane.
> Coming Soon: Goulburn.
> prices include GST.

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