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Karl Schaffarczyk karl at
Fri Jan 11 08:55:03 EST 2002

I currently have three Banksia MyFast Racks to give away.

Two racks are fully loaded with modems (6?) and working
one rack is partially loaded with modems, and needs a power supply.

Handy for running a small friends-only ISP etc.

The modems are all V.34/V.FAST, and can be removed from the racks for 
insertion into cases to work as individual modems.

at worst, you could probably apply large voltages to random sections of 
the circuit boards and make alot of smoke.... *

They go to the first person/people to email me by COB Monday. All or 
nothing offer.
If no-one emails me by COB Monday, they will be binned.


*If that sort of things turns you on. No liability accepted if you do 
-    Q: What is the vital ingredient in most electronic parts?
     A: Smoke! - 'cause when it leaks out they don't work anymore!

Inspired Networking                                 PO Box 132
karl at                                Braddon ACT 2612
Ph: 02 6230 1222 (priority line - customers only)
Ph: 02 6262 6962 (anyone else)                      3/54 Northbourne Av
Fx: 02 6230 1223 (everyone!)                        Canberra City

Website Hosting (dedicated virtual server) from AUS$16.50/month!
Permanent connections from $60.50/month!
Dialup access from $1.10/hour or $31.90/month time unlimited!
Coverage: Canberra, Yass, Gunning, Mittagong, Melbourne,
          Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane.
Coming Soon: Goulburn.

prices include GST.

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