[plug] E-mail Setup for spam filtering - Fetchmail-Procmail-ASK-Kmail ?

Andreas Bauer baueran at in.tum.de
Wed Jan 9 09:17:42 EST 2002

> Spam is driving me crazy.  Can't filter it at isp.  How about the 

If you're not "bound to" IMAP, you might be interested in a utility I
wrote, called Mailfilter:  http://mailfilter.sourceforge.net/

It connects to your ISP, kills all the junk and leaves behind a smaller
and clean mailbox for you to download.  Saves you time and worries.

Right now it only works with POP3 though.

> How about - Fetchmail-Procmail-Ask-Kmail?
> Am I heading in the right direction?

I'm using it together with fetchmail, but people also use it with KMail
or Evolution directly.  A matter of taste, I guess.

Hope it helps,

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