[plug] E-mail Setup for spam filtering - Fetchmail-Procmail-ASK-Kmail ?

Daniel cottmain at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 8 13:27:36 EST 2002

Hi Clug,
Spam is driving me crazy.  Can't filter it at isp.  How about the 
following? A 'mostly on' connection to grab my mail then filter it [if my 
machine goes down the mail will just build up at the isp].  Added benefits 
could be - mail stored locally using IMAP so it could be accessed by other 
machines and o/s.  Maildir format for stability and I'm guessing the 'each 
e-mail is a separate file' means that e-mails can be archived to cd and 
then perhaps searched direct on cd.  I need to find out what's required and 
the best/simplest way to set it up.

Grab the mail from the isp
- Getmail [mail retriever with reliable Maildir. Does not need an MTA- but 
what about Anti spam filtering - surely it can't run the ready made ASK or 
- Fetchmail [needs an MTA.  Then allows all your system MTA's filtering, 
forwarding, and aliasing facilities to work just as they would on normal mail.]

Mail Transfer Agent - Procmail [mail processing - seems to be used by good 
anti-spam scripts] or Qmail or Exim or Sendmail

Anti-Spam Scripts [pointers greatly appreciated]
Spambouncer- seems very thorough and to have quite a following and be 
updated regularly ... Procmail focused.
Active Spam Killer (ASK)- likewise seems good. Procmail focused.

Mail User Agent - Gui - Gnome - Evolution, or KDE - Kmail [needs to be able 
to deal with maildir file format].

How about - Fetchmail-Procmail-Ask-Kmail?
Am I heading in the right direction?

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