CD writers - advice sought

Felix Karpfen felixk at
Tue Jan 8 06:37:22 EST 2002

I am currently investigating my options when upgrading my box (Cyrix
233MHz - running RedHat 7.1) to include a CD writer and have found the
following advice (plus details on the available makes):

You can safely assume that most newer IDE/ATAPI- and SCSI-writers work
under Linux. Newer drives are mostly MMC-compliant and are therefore

I have an operational IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive at the moment and my only
envisaged use for a CD writer is to make backups of the material on my
box in case, through stupidity or misfortune, I manage to wipe out the
contents of my hard drive.

I am advised that the current flavour of the month for CD writers is

Any additional pointers will be welcome.

Felix Karpfen`


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