Getting X going using Win32

Donovan J. Edye d.edye at
Mon Jan 7 20:05:24 EST 2002


In case anyone is interested, I finally managed to get Xfree86 (using
cygwin) running on Win2K. So it is possible!!!! Thanks to all for their help
and pointers.

-- D

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On 29 Dec, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Dec 2001 16:54, Donovan J. Edye wrote:
>> G'Day,
>> I am following the instructions detailed in APC Issue 277 Jan 2002
>> article
>> "Windows Onto Linux". I have downloaded and installed WinAxe and have
>> logged in to my Linux box with the same username and password I use
>> on my Win2K box. I have exported the Display variable as detailed but
>> when I type the following at the linux box shell prompt I get:
>> donovan at moe:~$ export DISPLAY=
> try $ export DISPLAY=
> You almost certainly need a display number!
>> donovan at moe:~$ gnome-terminal
>> Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
>> My setup is as follows:
>> Linux Box:
>> Win2K Box:
>> WinAxe running as described in article
>> Anybody got some pointers for me?
> I have not used WinAxe, but I have used XWin-32 and from memory you
> need to tell it the hosts to 'trust', ie, the hosts that is allows X
> connections from.  On Linux the equivalent command is xhost, and I
> think it is called the same under XWin-32.  Look for something
> similar on WinAxe, although perhaps WinAxe will accept connections
> without this.

If this were the case the client (gterm) would issue a "authentication
failed" error message.

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