mixed system backups

Sam Couter sam at topic.com.au
Fri Jan 4 10:29:43 EST 2002

David Blackman <david at prometheus.com.au> wrote:
> Running with RSA or DSA keys as root is better than nothing, but it does
> mean that if someone cracks the machine doing the backup they crack all
> the machines being backed up as well, unless you are prepared to sit
> there typing pass-phrases as the backup script runs. Hope your firewall
> is good, and maybe you need a second one for just the backup machine.

Using SSH keys has one *HUGE* advantage over RSH, and that is forced
commands. You can dedicate a passphraseless key to doing backups, and on
each machine you want to backup, you add they key to authorized_keys
with a forced command of whatever starts sending backup data.
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