mixed system backups

Burn Alting burn at goldweb.com.au
Thu Jan 3 15:16:26 EST 2002

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002 15:02, Alfred wrote:
> I can think of a few options that don't require root over the network (they
> do need it on the local host), I guess the solution depends upon your
> resources and the risks you are willing to take.
> Your 1 script requirement does kinda force you into the ssh option however.
> Have you thought of doing something like having a backup process (cron job)
> run on a PC and drop files into a certain dir.

Can't guarantee that I will have the temporary disk space when doing a full 
backup (or incremental on occassion).

I suppose I could play around with cron jobs in that, from a certain time, 
the job attempts to get access to the tape and once it does starts the backup,
otherwise it backs off and checks later ... this means my backups may be in
random order on the tape each night, but the output can be merged somewhere
and when I know the set of backup scripts are complete I can put the order 
(and other information on the front of the tape - in a fixed area ... I like 
my backup tapes to have a label at the front to tell me what's there - 
redundant but when many filesystems are on the tape (full or incremental) then
it's nice to quickly know where to skip).

Given I can set up keys 'by hand' with ssh, I'll go the single script method 
(as well as getting ssh up and running on Solaris).

Thanks to all who responded.

> Then the tape drive can backup that dir nightly (or you could get smarter
> and do incremental backups, use rsync,....).
> There are existing, network enabled, backup solutions out there, have you
> had a look at them? Personally I rolled my own using cron and rsync and
> using hdd's (tape wasn't an option, all the machines are in texas and my
> arms ain't that long ;).
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> > On Thu, 3 Jan 2002 14:28, Alfred wrote:
> > > And never forget defence in depth. Allowing root rsh connections sounds
> > > very dangerous. If the worst happens and your firewall is ever
> penetrated
> > > then your internal machines will fall amazingly quickly. Use a special
> user
> > > for the backups, at least then it will limit any attacks.
> > > (and if you think your firewall can't fail, what happens when Joe User
> puts
> > > a modem on their PC so they can "work from home"....).
> >
> > The main issues are
> >
> > a. I want one script to do the complete backup of all systems (ie
> automated
> > and unattended, AND
> > b. To be able to backup any file on a system, I need to be root
> > (irrespective of where the data is being written).
> >
> > I suppose I will need to get ssh with RSA/DSA working on the Suns.
> >
> > Burn

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